What is Sports & Human Performance Programs?

Sports and human performance programs are athletic performance solutions that combine the disciplines of sports, science, and health. The goals of each program are to enhance mental, perceptual, and physical performance for sports and overall health. Our individualized sports and human-specific training is tailored to each athlete’s and individual’s unique performance demands, helping them reach their peak physical, perceptual and mental capabilities. 

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Why Us?

ADI Rehabilitation’s Sports Performance Center specializes in injury prevention; assisting athletes to return to the field after an injury, as well as taking one’s training to the next level. Our sports performance training program is designed to improve an athlete’s functional movement, power, strength, endurance, and control of their entire neuromuscular, cognitive, and sensory systems to meet the rigorous demands of sport, activity, and life. We offer both virtual and on-site programs, combining our clinical expertise, training, and state-of-the-art technology to help clients achieve their potential and goals.

How do we do it and what techniques are used?

Cognitive Perceptual Training with our partner Neurovision Consulting

  • Elite levels of human performance require superior mental and perceptual abilities. Neurovision Consulting trains these skillsets to give you an added edge in any situation. 

  • Their training helps to improve reaction times, attention, awareness, memory, decision-making performance at all levels of sport and human performance. 


Nutritional Programs (link de website con cellular Nutrition)

  • Performance and recovery require proper nutritional planning to achieve higher levels of performance. 

  • Nutrition plays a crucial role in helping people stay focused mentally and physically, enhance our immunity, and speed up recovery. 

  • Our nutritionist will tailor a program that’s unique to your body and sport requirements so you can perform at the highest level and recover quickly. 


Runners Program

  • Do you have pain when you run? Do you want to enhance your performance? Are you wearing the right shoes? Our experts specialize in running injuries and performance enhancement and will assess your functional strength, flexibility, and perform a treadmill assessment using video capture technology. 

  • We have an advanced package that includes nutrition and training programs to assist with a thoroughly holistic approach and ensure you have the appropriate fuel and energy to meet the demands of your runs as well as achieve your goals!


ACL Injury Prevention Program 

  • Whether it be returning to sport following ACL surgery or hoping to prevent injury, our specialized team of trainers and therapists have put together a lower body assessment designed to identify at-risk movements patterns and imbalances that may predispose you to injury/ and or compromise your performance. 

  • This program includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment as well as video analysis of sports specific movement patterns using video capture technology.

  • A comprehensive report is generated and provided to the client as well as an exercise program to address deficits found.


Overhead Athlete Program

  • Pain with sport or simply want to improve your performance? This program is right for you. From improving your serve to getting rid of pain with pitching, this program utilizes a musculoskeletal screen to assess strength/ flexibility or range of motion deficits that may be causing pain or preventing one from achieving their highest level of performance. 

  • The screen includes a range of motion, flexibility, and strength assessment as well as video analysis of sports specific movement patterns.

  • Our advanced packages include sports specific strength training and a nutritional consult/program geared specifically to the demands of your sport.


Strength Training 

  • By training movement more than just muscles, your body will learn how to apply its power and strength gains to the movement demands of your sport or activity.

  • Customized, evidence-based, and purpose-driven training programs to meet each individual, activity, and sport’s unique demands. 

  • We offer both virtual and live sessions.

  • Our strength training programs are individualized even when working as part of a team. 

  • We offer group/ team rates as well as individual rates.


Call (310).481.0644 or email us to schedule an appointment and begin your one-on-one sports therapy program with one of our trained physical therapists.