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Chronic back and neck pain can lead to pain medication dependency and prevent you from living a full life. The experienced and caring physical therapists at ADI Rehab in Westwood and Los Angeles, California, offer nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment options to help alleviate your chronic pain without dependency on drugs. Call or schedule a consultation online to learn more about the highly effective spine rehab treatment options they offer to patients of all ages.

Spine Rehab Q & A

What is spine rehab?

Spine rehab refers to the treatment and recovery of spinal conditions like chronic lower back pain, neck pain, and related issues. Many men and women suffer from daily pain or attempt to manage it themselves with over-the-counter pain relievers or prescription medications that simply mask the underlying causes of their pain. Chronic spinal conditions left untreated can contribute to the inability to participate in your favorite activities and a poor quality of life.

Physical therapy for spine rehab focuses on creating a collaborative effort between therapist and patient so you not only get pain relief but also learn how to take care of chronic pain without medication or surgery. This individualized approach to pain treats the underlying causes. Your spine rehab treatment plan may include specific exercises, manual therapies, and a variety of other modalities for spinal stabilization and relief from chronic pain.

What types of treatments are used in spine rehab?

When you come to ADI Rehab for physical therapy spine rehabilitation, the goal is to relieve your pain, increase the function of your muscles and joints, and teach you how to prevent further injuries or aggravation of a chronic condition. Physical therapies and noninvasive treatments are highly effective at reducing chronic pain from spinal injuries or diseases.

Low back pain often responds well to a combination of both passive physical modalities like heat and ice therapy, plus active modalities like stretching and gentle exercises. Exercises that increase spinal stability and strength and condition your supporting abdominal muscles are good for relieving lower back pain. Your physical therapist may also recommend treatments such as:

  • Massage therapy
  • Pilates or yoga
  • Electrical stimulation of muscles
  • Infrared laser therapy
  • Sympathetic therapeutic stimulation
  • Gait training 

Am I a good candidate for spine rehab?

If you’ve experienced pain for more than a couple of months, or if your pain is getting progressively worse, you may be an ideal candidate for spine rehab physical therapies. People interested in self-care, who don’t want to have invasive surgeries, or who’ve become dependent on prescription medications are also good candidates for spine rehab treatments at ADI Rehab.

The best way to determine how physical therapy can relieve your back and neck pain is to call or schedule an appointment online at either the Westwood or Los Angeles location. Because no two conditions are identical, the skilled physical therapists speak with you about a customized treatment plan that’s just right for you so you can get back to living a full and active life.

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