Sean Hampton




Physical Therapist

Sean received his Master's of Physical Therapy degree from Mount St. Mary's College in Brentwood, California in 1993 and has worked in the orthopedic, sports, spine and chronic pain settings for 19 years.


Upon completion of his master's, he went on to pursue his US residency in the Maitland Manual Therapy approach to give him the foundation to learn and grow at the outset of his career. Ever since then, he has been applying the values of evidence-based treatment to the varied techniques, theories and approaches he has been introduced to at conferences, lectures, courses and by colleagues.

While working at the Physical Rehabilitation Department at UCLA, he was able to see some of the most complex and interesting patients to help him expand his knowledge and clinical reasoning skills in physical therapy.


He stayed at UCLA for 3 years and then left to open ADI REHAB, INC. in the hope that he and his colleagues could help people achieve bigger goals. 

He was interested in patients who had not had the results that they had hoped to achieve in their prior treatments and approaches. While he has always been known as an orthopedic and sports physical therapist, Sean became interested in chronic pain and how it can affect all walks of life, from the athlete to the weekend warrior to the child who just wants to sit in class without pain. Soon he was asked to join the internationally recognized UCLA Pediatric Pain Program and since then he has been helping children living with chronic pain move beyond their pain and back to sports, school and a pain-free life.

While he continues to be involved in this specialty area, he continues to help doctors, as well as their patients, get back to a full and active pain-free life. In addition to practicing physical therapy, Sean has given lectures on trends in spinal pain management, arthritis management and several subjects in chronic pain management.


Early on in his career, Sean was a professor of orthopedics for three years and a guest lecturer in other courses at Mount St. Mary's College Department of Physical Therapy. Outside of the office, he continues to be active in his profession, being an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association.