Pereda- Daskalov





Elizabeth’s experience in Nutritional Wellness and Weight Management goes beyond credentials and certifications. With over 15 years of experience as a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Counselor Elizabeth’s mission is to enlighten others on how to embrace an alternative path to a lifestyle that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health. Elizabeth specializes in Weight Management and Holistic healing alternatives by providing tools and knowledge for a healthy lifestyle that is manageable no matter your age, gender, or body type. 

She is a result-driven leader that showcases exemplary health-results with all her clients, as well as through organizations and social groups. By creating healthier and happier communities, Elizabeth’s ultimate goal is to “help those who want to live the happy fulfilling life they crave and a healthy vibrant body that they will love for the rest of their life.”

With 10 years of hands-on practice and experience as a Health and Wellness Coach at a Latin Catholic Church, Elizabeth focused on educating and providing tools for type 2 diabetes prevention, which is a very prevalent disease among Latinos. 

Elizabeth went on to obtain a Nutritional Certification from American Fitness Professionals & Associates, along with achieving additional education and certifications that include:

Clinical Nutrition:  Which studies the impact of health and metabolism, and the interaction that takes place between nutrients and photo chemicals. 

Environmental Nutrition:  Local and global food systems, paying specific attention to organic and sustainable practices. 

Culinary Nutrition: Recipe development and meal planning. 

Gut and Brain Connection: Physical and chemical connections between the gut and the brain, along with gut health and the microbiota.  

Elizabeth’s experience expands from Weight Management, Fertility support, Eating Disorders, Gastrointestinal Support, Autoimmune Disorders, and Stress Management.  

As a corporate Health and Wellness Coach, Elizabeth has collaborated with international companies such as Tesla, ShoeDazzle, TechStyle, and Tuskus.  

Elizabeth’s zest for life, and positive energy; along with her desire to spread her knowledge, is a lifesaver for some, and an improved vision of life and health for all those who have the desire to embrace a newer healthier and optimistic life style.  

Her favorite activities include hiking and exploring new mountain- trails. 


“These are a form of workout, and a deep relaxation state to a spiritual connection.  Cooking and music complete me”.