What is Concussion Rehab?

A concussion is an injury to the brain resulting from the rapid acceleration or deceleration of brain tissue within the skull from injuries such as whiplash or a blow to the head. This rapid movement places stress on the brain tissues causing abnormal shape and stretching changes that damage brain cells. This damage also causes temporary and sometimes permanent chemical and metabolic changes within the brain cells, making it more difficult for brain cells to function and communicate. 

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Why us?

Our concussion program consists of a thorough evaluation of all systems including; neurological, orthopedic, vestibulo-occular, cognitive, nutritional and cardiovascular systems. Since over 60% of concussions have a visual component in addition to their cognitive complaints, we have partnered with Neurovision Consulting who are leaders in the field of cognitive and visual training.  Our treatment program is based on evidence-based evaluation and treatment and looking at each individual and concussion through a different lens so we can get to the source of your problem. We then develop your treatment program to help you get back to your life, work, school, sport and life’s activity to your prior levels and beyond.


Some of the more common symptoms of a concussion can last days, months, or years. 

Headache/pressure in the head, eyes and ears

Neck & upper back pain

Temporary loss of consciousness

Memory difficulty or loss

Balance issues



Sound sensitivity

Visual changes like tracking, light sensitivity, eye strain

Ringing in the ears

Emotional changes, irritability, depression, anxiety, PTSD

Focus/concentration issues

Sleep difficulty

Taste and smell changes


Symptom exacerbation with exercise

Slowed processing speed of the brain


How Physical Therapy does is important in your rehab?

  • Top 5 Evidence Based Treatments we use in your recovery -


1. Exercise Therapy & Return to Sports

Studies show that rest is not the best approach to concussion care. Early intervention of various therapies can significantly improve recovery following a concussion. Part of your rehab and return to sports program will be your therapist guiding you through a patient specific and graded return to exercise. Critical to this program is the Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test (BCTT) that we use to help determine the appropriate level of exercise and progression for your problem. 


2. Vestibular, Visual and Cognitive-Perceptual Rehab

Visual disturbances and vertigo/dizziness are two of the most common ongoing complaints of patients with post concussive syndrome (PCS). Our trained therapists use programs called vestibular rehab therapy (VRT) to alleviate these and other complaints and deficits with a series of inner ear, vision and balance exercises. 


Our Neurovision partners at ADI Rehab provide expertise in neuro-ophthalmology, orthoptist and cognitive-perceptual driven assessments and training. They have played a critical role in identifying and aiding in our client’s recovery from visual and cognitive deficits following a concussion. Their programs take you through a program called cognitive-perceptual training to help train and regain your mental, visual and perceptual abilities which are critical to life, sport and activity. 

For more information on how the program works visit:  (hyperlink).


3. Manual Therapy

With the G-forces needed to cause a concussion, it is almost impossible for a concussion to occur without also causing a neck injury. Research shows that manual therapies such as joint mobilization, thoracic manipulation, STM, strain/counterstain, craniosacral, myofascial release, Graston/IASTM, and cupping combined with a strengthening and stabilization program aide in recovery. 


4. Diet/Nutritional Consultations

A concussion causes inflammation in the tissues of the brain and brain stem, resulting in metabolic dysfunctions in the initial stages of recovery that can take weeks to resolve. That is why what you eat and don’t eat is critical to aiding in your recovery. 

Our certified nutritionist, Elizabeth Daskalov is available to help make dietary recommendations and guide you through your recovery. 

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5. Education & Psychology of Concussions

Many people who suffer from a concussion will have had prior experiences with anxiety or depression. These pre-existing conditions have been closely linked to prolonged recoveries from concussion. As a result, education and referrals to a psychologist specializing in concussions, is as critical as any of the other form of treatment. 





Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion. ADI Rehab has partnered with Medtrak Diagnostics to provide state of the art concussion testing. MedTrak Diagnostics provides a way to objectively assess a mTBI and TBI. These tests provide objective data to assist clinicians with determining performance impairment, diagnosing injury and design your treatment program. 

This objective testing program is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical and consists of the following evaluations:


  • Videonystagmography (VNG): Vestibular testing

  • Posturography – FallTrak II: Balance and coordination testing

  • BrainCheck: Neurocognitive testing


These tests allow the clinicians to measure critical areas of central (brain) and peripheral vestibular function, providing an objective diagnosis of the cause of some of the post-traumatic symptoms of mTBI. Symptoms of a mTBI can include and are not limited headaches light and sound sensitivity, dizziness, vertigo, focus and concentration problems, fatigue, balance issues, coordination and unsteadiness, vision changes, memory problems, anxiety, depression and personality changes. Following testing, a proper diagnosis and development of a plan of care is used to guide the patient’s continued improvement and ongoing compensatory recovery.


If you have had an auto accident or a personal injury that may have resulted in a concussion, please call us to see how you can get your evaluation today. 


For more information on the concussion testing performed at ADI Rehab, please visit: