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What is Cellular Nutrition? 

It can only be obtained through a special blend of highly soluble essential natural vitamins nutrients and minerals that activate the body cell and help them to observe the daily essential nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and our body doesn't absorb all the daily essential nutrients from foods anymore. That is natural aging. In order to get the inactive body cells to absorb all the daily essential vitamins and nutrients again, they need to be cleaned up of toxins that keep them active through whole foods, supplements, and minerals. At ADI Rehab we have state-of-the-art physical therapies for your early recovery.

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The issue that we are all facing today is not only the poor quality of food. But also, the fact that we do not absorb enough nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements. There is so much information about nutrition, health, and weight loss. Most people are confused, hoping to find a program that works for them.

Cellular Healing & Weight Loss

When we think of weight loss, health, and nutrition, few of us imagine the body cells. But actually, the body cells or the source of the body's energy supply and the core of your health, it's what keeps you not only functioning at optimal and maintaining good health and weight but functioning in general. 

By incorporating Cellular Nutrition, you're cleaning up your body cells of toxins, which are helping all your body cells to become active again, so they will be able to absorb the daily essential nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements. Therefore, your body will naturally get to its optimal health and weight by itself, which means that it will also keep that weight off and not gain it back, as now your body is functioning properly.

Cellular Healing, controls inflammation throughout your body. This type of inflammation affected every organ tissue, artery, blood vessels, hormones, and cells, and therefore determines your state of health. 

Studies indicate that inflammation is the root cause of the number one killer in America and the majority of the generative disease we are dealing with today.


Cell Detoxification:  

True detoxification must occur at the cellular level. Nutrients must move in and toxins must come out in order for the cell to be clean and healthy.

Is Nutritional Counseling Right for you? 

  • You are a unique individual, and we will define the best dietary and lifestyle strategies for you.  In each session, we will dive into the highest priorities with a focus on creating specific action steps and goals that you choose to implement.  I will be there to support you each step of the way.

  • Discover the customized food and lifestyle recommendations that are the best fit for your unique body, health status, and preferences.

  • Our programs do not advocate starving the body through appetite suppressants, diet pills, and pre-packaged foods.  We believe that maximizing organ function, balancing hormones, and nourishing the body back to health is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and a great lifestyle.

  • Address the root imbalances that have resulted in the myriad symptoms and health complaints you struggle with. Reclaim your health with a Nutrient-Dense diet.

  • Learn how you can bring your healing journey into your own home and your own kitchen, so that you can be supporting your health and your family’s, with the choices you make daily. 

  • Navigate the various recommendations that you’ve received from your doctors and healthcare practitioners so that you feel empowered in your choices.

Why us? 

We understand the importance of Integrating Rehab and Nutrition as elements of health and Wellness.

At ADI Rehab we give our clients, the opportunity to upgrade their quality of life by providing life-changing experiences and services that includes alternative and healing modalities, education, and training.


Be supported by a Certified Nutritional Expert that can help you through the dietary and lifestyle change process with support and accountability, to create healthy lifestyle habits that work with your real life.

Please give us a call (310) 481.0644 or email us  to schedule an initial consultation/evaluation.